open a door

We are still working on the military base update. There is always some effort to open a door (video).

Are your ready?

Are you ready? Military Base is going to blow your mind. Soon we’ll all jump over the fence to master the next Oliver level. The Military Base will be released soon (planned end of September). New challenges, amazing design, insane difficulties, cool gameplay, and everything more you already love about Oliver. Philipp & Julius, our… Continue reading Are your ready?

Mine test: Military Base

At the next Oliver Game level – the Military Base – you have to face new dangers and challenges. For example, the mines! We are still working on the perfect setup. This video is just a funny test.Did you like the tasks at the first level? Get prepared, because at Military Base it’s going to… Continue reading Mine test: Military Base

jet fighter

Work in progress: A military base without a jet fighter? No way! This heavy and aggressive piece of metal may help or save Oliver. Soon we’ll find out! We designed this jet fighter for our next level, the Military Base. It’s always a challenge to put an idea down on paper, in a way that… Continue reading jet fighter

The importance of controls

What makes a platformer game good? There is a lot, but one aspect is highly important – the controls. Our approach is to keep the difficulty on challenges, enemies, riddles and so on, so we focused on accurate movements to overcome them. Loads of games make the movement itself part of the challenge – which… Continue reading The importance of controls

Military Zone Map

Today we sketched up a floor map for military base! We came up with the idea of nonlinear level design on the horizontal axis instead of vertical. Could it be that we’re the first Metroidvania to do this? You can join the discussion about this idea on the thread below. We’re excited about this and… Continue reading Military Zone Map

UTM on Steam

The perfect Tracking! A UTM code is a simple text code that can be added to any link to reveal the origin of web traffic. Example: Regarding to Steam, if you use UTMs in your links, Steam will inform you about the origin of your traffic on the Steam store page. Your links with… Continue reading UTM on Steam

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